NICK EDWARDS: Plekzationz 2xLP/CD Mego

NICK EDWARDS: Plekzationz  2xLP/CD Mego

Edwards has a history that is more for the aficionado’s out there rather than anything expansive as far as actual output is concerned; more recognised for his blogging in experimental circles and output as Ekoplekz and his one cassette only album under his own name.

Mego tend to release albums that I love or hate in equal measure, such is the nature of the eclectic output they sign to their label; Edwards latest album surprisingly slots itself in the middle.

There are moments to applaud on ‘Plekzationz’, with various nods at Cabaret Voltaire, frostily capturing the essence of early 80’s industrial and minimalist, yet effective electronica; ‘Inside the Analog Continuum’, being a prime example of this.  The live element plays well into the hands of those that have sat in dark, dank underground clubs over the years with nothing but a sonic wall of noise and a strobe to accompany them (yes, I admit I have).

For the most part though, this album may be a little too much to swallow.  There is the occasional stab at Krautrock and so forth, but the sheer experimental nature of this release shoves it into a very tight corner, where only the limited few will try squeezing themselves in.


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