NXV: Bridging Divisions CD Signifier

NXV: Bridging Divisions  CD Signifier

Nick Viola of Fractured Transmission provides us here, 13 tracks of dub influenced, Industrial cut and paste rhythmical structures and wire like electronics over a current of ambient pads.

The opening two tracks, although short in stature van easily be paired as one song as they seamlessly flow into each other and only differ marginally in their approach; it’s not until ‘Blind’ kicks in, that we see the true life force of this project.  A writhing mass of warm bass synth swirls, dripping through the mash up of breaks and subtle electronics that are left floating around in the ether and ultimately denied prominence.

‘Inversion Dub’ states everything about the song it accompanies by the title in itself; a solid jaunt, but lacking the sub bass hit that is required genre speaking and I feel NXV is best suited to concentrating his efforts solely on breaks, as this is where he excels.

‘Bridging Divisions’ as a whole is a fairly stable release stylistically speaking; Viola has picked a genre and has firmly stood his ground, never straying from the path chosen.  Credit has to be given for sticking to one chosen path and when he does it well, he gives the listener a glimpse of what he is capable of achieving.  However, Nick stumbles far too often over his own production blocks and a fair amount of this album lacks the razor-sharp scalpel of knife-edge electronica, embodied by the quagmire that is ‘Inversion’; falling unfortunately onto his own sword, as opposed to hacking into the market this is aimed at.


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