MACULATUM: The Nameless City CD Malignant Records

MACULATUM: The Nameless City  CD Malignant Records

Six brooding tracks here from the minds of Collapsar and Rasalhague, combined as one colossal mass of rich cinematic, inky black ambience.

Based on the short story of the same name by H P Lovecraft, we have here a vast ritualistic tapestry of horror-induced drones and layered spaces of cavernous Dark Ambient.  Careful attention has been placed on making sure each individual texture has a platform in its own right, as not to overstate itself.

Throughout this six-song affair a solid cohesiveness flows to make sure the tracks flow seamlessly together; with the odd dash of Industrial flair making an appearance at key points as to drag this album away from the usual approach to the genre stylistically.  Subtle reverberations and throbbing pulses of sound counterbalance this, oozing along at lower levels; whilst the echoes of machine like air, flow over the rafters and rooftops of desolation.

I have albums by both individual artists and they have a distinct quality in their own right.  It’s fair to say however, that the combined forces of both acts together produce something that is ultimately a beast in its own form, one approach complimenting the other with impressive results.


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