HALL OF MIRRORS: Altered Nights 2xCD Malignant Records

HALL OF MIRRORS: Altered Nights  2xCD Malignant Records

This is the third album by the collective efforts of Amon and Nimh, collaborating to produce over 100 minutes of absorbing and dank, dark atmospherics.

What is immediately obvious is the range and breadth of thought processes that have gone into this album.  Track one ‘The Meeting’, pitches two forces that rise together upon to platforms; one providing the rumbling unobtrusive grind, the other with a spacious air like quality set at a range above sonically speaking.

By the time ‘Magmatic Resonance’ is mid flow there is something fairly obvious to the ear with what is actually occurring.  This is a purists’ blend of Black Ambient fused with a coherent Death Industrial edge and a contrasting style that is blended with a touch of professional flair.

More often than not when too forces like this come together, one usually outweighs the other and it’s an art that more often than not, can become a confusing and overstated mess of noise.  Hall of Mirrors however, make no such schoolboy errors.

Disc two comprises of the 44 plus minute long ‘Late Summer Ceremony’, a track that thematically matches its title.  I have always found that there is a danger when producing such a long piece of work.  It’s way too easy for pretentiousness to creep in, subjecting the listener to self-indulgent ramblings and meandering pointless drivel.  Fear not however, HOM produce an epilogue to ‘Altered Nights’ that is as engaging as it’s opening partner in crime; an entertaining and sometimes visceral montage of two consummate professionals, fusing their own sensibilities and collective interpretations as one.


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