FUNERARY CALL: Nightside Emanations CD Malignant Records

FUNERARY CALL: Nightside Emanations  CD Malignant Records

There is an overtly organic nature to the works of Funerary Call, with a heavy leaning towards ritualistic and tribal creativity.  As far as the genre goes, it hasn’t always been an element that I particularly relish, with some of the scenes long termer’s such as Z’ev and the like, being banished from my collection; bearing this in mind, I approached this album with caution.

Luckily, FC focus their attention more on the ambient regions of sound creation in a lot of areas; the title track in itself letting loose on its fair share of drones, sinister hums and chimes.  This in itself is the essential glue to piece together the naturally composed aural experience, as not to let everything fly off in unnecessary directions and pathways.

This is none more evident than on ‘Thee I Invoke’, folding its pitch-black foundations as a rich tar to cement together a bed of brooding Dark Ambient, culminating in one of ‘Nightside Emanations’ better tracks overall, coupled with the closing monolith that is ‘Upon the Heath’.  It’s when Funerary Call focus on this productive avenue that we hear the best results and I do prefer this to the sounds of gongs and bells that have obviously been too irresistible to avoid.

As a whole experience, there is more than enough on this release to enjoy; but the dualistic nature of the experience throughout does make for elements that may not suit everyone.  I personally am not entertained by shamanistic instrumentation, but thankfully there is more than enough on here to appease my penchant for black ambience and industrial ethos.


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