WILLITS + SAKAMOTO: Ancient Future CD Ghostly International

WILLITS + SAKAMOTO: Ancient Future  CD Ghostly International

Electronic pioneer Christopher Willits and pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto come together here with an album centralised around creation, life experiences, exploration and the realisation of ones self.

An off key jazz element is evident from the off with the piano work of Sakamoto.  Willits in turn, drags the individual notes and loops them in a resonating sonic wave of delay, that intentionally stumble into a thumping heartbeat.

Predominantly this is an ambient album that nods occasionally at the quieter regions of IDM resting points.  The six tracks on offer do work on their own merit, but essentially are seamless in their transition from one to the next, providing one long story, should you wish to listen to this as a whole.

The only negative aspect of this release is the distinct lack of variation.  As beautiful as the majority of this is, impatience does creep in at the half way mark and flinches of desperation for this duo to get on with it, did spoil my overall appreciation of this album.  Not to say this is bad by any means, indeed a lot of it is brilliantly executed; I just feel more concentration could have been applied to making this a more heart wrenching experience, with a few diversions added for good measure.


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