MIKA VANIO: Fe304-Magnetite CD Touch

MIKA VANIO: Fe304-Magnetite  CD  Touch

With a credible history with the legendary minimalistic Pan Sonic, Berlin based Mika Vanio has found himself releasing a number of solo projects of late, alongside working within the Finnish Industrial and noise scene.

It is of no surprise then that ‘Fe304-Magnetite’ starts off with a fair amount of minimalism in its own right; light droplets of sound that are interrupted with off key drones and machine head bass electronics.

Whilst as clever as the first half of this album is, it isn’t until the glorious ambient beauty of ‘Magnetosense’ makes its appearance on track four that things really become interesting. Drones float away into breathing, resonating clarity and a cold wave of emotion is left for the listener to capture their own thoughts.

For the most part, there is a purity to this album that I relish.  When Vanio takes time to stop what could be deemed as tomfoolery, he does set apart a space where residual electronics can capture your thoughts and hold you in a small vacuum of hypnosis.  The only aspect letting him down in a lot of respects, are the frequent self-indulgences of art taking precedence over actual music.  This is in turn a real pity, as when Mika really sets his mind to it, his compositional qualities shine a very bright torch indeed.


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