MAURIZIO BIANCHI: Aeternum Aevum CD Peripheral Records

MAURIZIO BIANCHI: Aeternum Aevum  CD Peripheral Records

Bianchi himself comes with revered curriculum vitae in European electronic music, with over thirty years of active service and many releases hailed as outright classics.

On this latest instalment, dedication is for Conrad Schnitzler of Tangerine Dream fame who passed away in August 2011; explaining the somewhat dream like quality of this release and the artwork provided by Moroccan artist Hayat Saidi.

What we have are two long tracks of spacious echoing machine like ambience, where swirling electronics formulate and rise in peaks and troughs throughout.  Patience is the essential virtue needed here as thematically speaking, concentration is solely placed upon the listener to sit back and become immersed in an aurally hallucinogenic, yet cathartic state of consciousness.

Overall this is a pleasant album to take on board.  An unobtrusive air like quality resides within subtle reverberations and the electronic programming gives a weighty compliment to Schnitzler’s works with TG.  I have never been a lover of Tangerine Dream, not one iota, but the nod of the head to the recently deceased’s vision makes a nice touch to what is a fundamentally solid album.


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