KONX-OM-PAX: Regional Surrealism CD/LP Planet Mu

KONX-OM-PAX: Regional Surrealism  CD/LP Planet Mu

Konx-om-Pax is the musical project of Glasgow based film director Tom Scholefield, who is more known for his video work for artist such as Mogwai and the like.  Couple the nature of his past works with an album tile such as ‘Regional Surrealism’ and it isn’t going to take much guessing as to the nature of the journey this 14-track release will take you on.

Unfortunately, if not surprisingly, the word ‘surrealism’ has been take a little too literally throughout this album.  It’s only on the odd occasion that we are given a glimpse into the scope that Scholefield obviously has and when he does give the listener a ray of hope, he annihilates it; take track five, ‘Sura-Tura-Gnosi-Cosi’; a beautiful arrangement of chopping piano, that hums with emotion and is cleverly understated, but ultimately ruined with the addition of horrendous, down-pitch vocals.

‘Regional Surrealism’, is an infuriating release that promises way more than it delivers.  Come the end of the album, I was genuinely peeved with the aural hug that is ‘Let’s go Swimming’, a song that begs a question, requiring answers as to why such an obvious talent has been wasted, when they clearly had the opportunity to give us something special.



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