WRECK OF THE HESPERUS: Light Rotting Out CD Aesthetic Death

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS: Light Rotting Out  CD Aesthetic Death

I have a penchant for alternative packaging and do like releases when they’re not placed in the standard format of a normal compact disc jewel case, so smiled when upon opening this A5 packaging and postcard set.

The imagery reeks of Black Metal from the off, however the music throughout this release is anything but; an anticonvulsant to the genre if you will and indeed what would happen if you took that genre and slowed it down in pace and pitch.

I am torn with WOTH; all the necessary ingredients are there for something special.  The screaming vocals are set right and the sludge like rhythm and guitars achieve to hit the target that they’re aimed at; unfortunately my patience waned at the mid-way point of this release.

Variation is the key element that ‘Light Rotting Out’ sorely lacks; if you are going to make a three-track album, you have to introduce different paths to the story you are trying to convey or your audience drifts off and stops paying attention.

Wreck of the Hesperus haven’t produced a bad release, don’t get me wrong.  I do however think that future compositions could be shortened and other instrumentation introduced to the mix, therefore adding a necessary punch to the proceedings.



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