WALK THROUGH FIRE: Furthest From Heaven CD Aesthetic Death

WALK THROUGH FIRE: Furthest From Heaven  CD Aesthetic Death

Hypnotic off-key open guitars resonate with harmonics and slowly turn into a torturous mass of crashing percussion and screaming vocals, culminating in the writhing title track being a visceral and oppressive, yet impressive introduction to this trio.

If something isn’t broken, then don’t fix it.  WTF carry on relentlessly with more torrid landslides of guitar and thundering rhythm work that grind along like a slow, yet effective kick to the guts, followed by ‘The Dying Sun’ utilising guitar drones and pads to calm down the proceedings somewhat.

Overall, there is an apocalyptic feel to the album, more than emphasised by closer, ‘The Dead Sun’; ending the album on a high (musically speaking), with a decimating vision of unrelenting brutality that is offset with tight multi-layered guitars.  A clever use of pace dictates the end as the collapsing star expands and swallows its solar system, erupting and falling in on itself, leaving nothing but the brutal destructive mass of a black hole in its wake.

Walk Through Fire have a lot more to them than immediately meets the eye and that their use of overt, satanic imagery lets on.  As with a lot of Aesthetic Death releases, you are in for the long hall the moment you hit play; ‘Furthest From Heaven’ though, does have a story to tell, even if it’s not the happiest of tales.



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