SECTION 37: The Kudos of Serial Killing CD Aesthetic Death

SECTION 37: The Kudos of Serial Killing  CD  Aesthetic Death

It’s fair to say that a lot of music that I listen sits firmly in Industrial circles, so I smiled when reading up that Section 37 generically speaking hail from these pastures.

It’s a bold statement when its mentioned that an act bare similar traits to Skinny Puppy; indeed SP are no longer the force they once were, now producing a shadow of their former selves and it’s good to hear that others out there are trying to carry the torch onwards.  Unfortunately, Section 37 are not one of them.

Production is the first stumbling block on this album, with clarity being all but avoided in the muggy mix of electronics and beat-work; the initial vocals are too clean and should be spat out rather than spoken, leaving everything a little too tame for my liking.

‘The Rogue Drone’ is a momentary stand out track, reminiscent of Gravity Kills once the chorus kicks in, even if the lyrics veer on the side of awful.  This makes listening to Section 37 all the more annoying, as they could have made the whole album like this; yes it would have been generic, but at least it would have been listenable.

‘Kudos…’ is a badly executed monstrosity, writhing in its own misguided self-importance; ‘The Profile’ is a prime example of this, with a feeble, embarrassing cod-dissection of a disturbed psyche, summing up this album in its entirety, as a travesty of D division electronics from start to finish.


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