MURKRAT: Drudging the Mire CD Aesthetic Death

MURKRAT: Drudging the Mire  CD Aesthetic Death

It’s an impressive start to this album with the piano led title track, riddled with atmosphere, leading into the slow, funeral doom-laden guitar work of ‘I, Rodent’.

This is the first time I have heard Murkrat and was quite surprised overall with the female vocals of Mandy VKS, displaying a good ear for range and variation; sometimes the singing is harmonious, sometimes a guttural scream.

As I have mentioned before, the foundations of this album are predominantly aimed at the Doom Metal market; the sheer, slug-like pace and pitch of the guitars categorically stamp that marker down.  However, there is something to the construction of the tracks on offer that suggests more than the sum of their parts. Occasionally, there is more than a flair for the classical that flirts with the listener throughout this release, compositionally reminding me of Diamanda Galas in a lot of respects; although VKS does tame down a lot of the madness, concentrating more on harmonies and straight-forward singing, than operatic shrieks and wails.

‘Drudging the Mire’ is an impressive release from start to finish with a lot more on here than is first evident; ambient sub-plots and minute attention to detail, provide a necessary counter-balance to the drawn out wade through what could have been a fairly formulaic release otherwise. Add to the pot that apart from the percussion, this album was written and performed by VKS all on her own and you have something that stands out amongst a heavily saturated market, where individuality becomes all the more important.


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