FATUM ELISUM: Homo Nihilis CD Aesthetic Death

FATUM ELISUM: Homo Nihilis  CD Aesthetic Death

Gregorian chant like moans open up this album, setting the tone for the all out doom metal affair ‘Pursuit of Sadness’ from this French act.  This 15 minute long trudge pretty much sums up the genre musically, with a lot of the guitar work reminding me of some of the earlier less orchestral releases of My Dying Bride.

The title track itself really is the best song on this debut; think of the earlier works of Paradise Lost from their ‘Lost Paradise’ era and you wouldn’t be far off.  Indeed key elements of ‘Homo Nihilis’ sound so similar I did a double take, from the sludge like guitar work chugging alongside the flabby double bass drumming, right through to the key breaks where everything cuts and slows down to a thundering landslide of sludge.

Overall this is a competent and solid album in its entirety, if not entirely original.  Don’t expect to find anything on this CD to play if you want just a quick blast of noise to fill in time, as everything on here is a marathon of monolithic proportions.  The vocals are well thought out, as are the song structures as a whole, working well together even if I personally don’t particularly like the Candlemass route of singing myself.



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