DEAD BEAT PROJECT: Breaking the Shell CD Aesthetic Death

DEAD BEAT PROJECT: Breaking the Shell  CD Aesthetic Death

On paper I should probably like Dead Beat Project; electronic beats and ambience fused with elements of industrial, definitely sound like something to whet my appetite.

It’s true that all of the above are explored throughout this album, indeed so is soundtrack fused trance, crossing a broad range of styles, from eastern philosophy to futuristic aural landscapes.

As far as conviction and purpose goes, Dead Beat Project has its head screwed on.  Where this fails is in its lack of production and attention to the individual elements that make up the body of each track; the pad work and electronics do veer off down the path of Tangerine Dream stylistically and I completely abhor them with every inch of my being.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel; ‘Moon Eclipse’ does have all the makings of an ambient classic structurally, if not failing in the lack of attention paid to reverb and the synth work, sounding way to electronic for its own good and would  benefit from a more dare I say it, natural field recording ethos.

‘Breaking the Shell’ was ultimately disappointing because I expected so much more.  All the ingredients are there, but something has gone wrong on the scales and the balance is evidently off.



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