CENOTYPE: The Hour Before CD Industry8

CENOTYPE: The Hour Before  CD Industry8

It’s been a long time in the grand scheme of things since we have heard anything from Lenny Bogatch’s Cenotype project, with just the debut ‘Origins’ released on the now defunct Hive Records label and the self-released remix album through ‘Origins Productions’.

‘The Beauty of Night’ opens up this mini-album/EP, with operatic ambient and snarling vocals, reminding the listener that Bogatch is a fan of power electronics, even if this isn’t, if that makes any sense.

‘3am’ is up next with intricate beats that steer away from any form of power noise that we have previously heard from the project.  Indeed if anything the structure suggests a hint that Lenny has been listening to a lot of IDM of late; the pad work could have done with a little more range and variation considering the length of the song, but all in all this is a good effort at trying something relatively different.

From here on in the Cenotype of old comes back into play giving a decent account of himself with some good old fashioned distorted beat and the like.  It’s a pleasurable romp with ‘Nubian’ coming out on top, reminding me just how much I enjoy Cenotype live.

Cervello Elettronico gives us a more experimental electronic mix of ‘6X8’, whilst Intoner mixes ‘She’s Dead…’ into an excellent brooding mass of swirling industrial, topping the remix wars, with a rather plodding Vynilrob mix of ‘Unearthed in Brooklyn’ to end this release.

‘The Hour Before’ is a neat return to the scene; packaged in an octagon fold out sleeve, it looks all the better.  If you were one of the lucky ones, you will possess the extremely limited box set/T-shirt combo that has since sold-out and the packaging does edge up the scoring a little.


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