BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES: Nightmare of the Blackened Heart CD Aesthetic Death

BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES: Nightmare of the Blackened Heart  CD Aesthetic Death

Machine distortion is the main body to the opening track ‘The Hunt For Greater Truth’, reminiscent of some of the works of Deathpile’s sludge like grit on his quieter numbers (if there are such a thing).  An atmospheric orchestral film-like sample sits low in the mix, which for the most part is effective, if a little over used, as are the low, forced vocals and the song could benefit from being cut into two halves.

The second track, ‘3rd Candle for the Fallen’, concentrates on analogue drones and distorted surges that work effectively enough for the most part with enough background interference to make you prick up your ears to pick out the individual dynamics.

Grinding demonic elements brings together the best work of this release on ‘Final Key to a Pure Thought’ and is the ultimate highlight of this album and I feel this is where BDGW should have concentrated their efforts, reminding me of the circle of friends that Black Leather Jesus and his cohorts reside in.

On it’s own, separated into more individual tracks, this release could have been an absolute belter and making this a three track album is ultimately where it falls short.  With the vocals spat out as visceral screams, not as a yearning for cough medicine, this could have been a horrific, brutal kick in the guts; all the elements are there for the taking, but a more concentrated effort is needed to ride with their peers.


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