ASCHE: Stonebrain CDep Industry8

ASCHE: Stonebrain  CDep Industry8

‘Stonebrain’ was conceived to coincide with Asche’s North American tour and licensed from Ant-Zen, comprising of one new track, alternate versions of others and remixes from some well-respected artists.

Versions of ‘Confusion’ and ‘Last Words’, give us a more technical, mechanical Asche; the latter with a slick, grooving old school ‘Wax Trax!’ approach, vaguely reminding me of Revco.

The heavily distorted, power electronics ‘Home Crisis’ filters into an ambient ridden version of ‘Steam Room’ sounding everything like the title suggests.  It’s this kind of variation that sets a lot of Asche releases apart from the usually beat frenzy the genre throws at us, although the machine gun driven ‘Queer Angel’ is more than welcome.

Onto the remixes; first up being ex NTT project Theologian, predictably with an expected ambient noise dissection of ‘Distorted Doom’, followed up by a more clinical chop up of ‘Last Words’ by Hydrone.  Nin-Kuji provides us a standard distorted beat driving mix of ‘Queer Angel’, which whilst formulaic, is fun non the less; leaving the mighty Iszoloscope to end the CD, with another of his more complex, but ultimately impressive jaunts mixing ‘Dogday Sunrise’.

Overall this a great, collectable edition for fans of the Asche’s discography and I would be surprised if this hadn’t encouraged more people to go see him live, on the tour which this was intended to promote.



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