V/A: Forms of Hands 12 CD HANDS

V/A: Forms of Hands 12  CD HANDS

Limited to 1000 copies only, we have here the accompanying compilation to the 12th instalment of the highly successful Forms of Hands festival that occurs once a year in the labels home nation of Germany.

Saturmzlide open up with a light, fresh jaunt through accessible electronics and pads with a frenetic beat that should not only sound great live, but on the dance-floor in any participating club.

What follows, is of course an array of acts that performed at the festival and what is to be hoped some exclusive tracks for this compilation.  Better works come from the aforementioned Saturmzlide, S.K.E.T., with their ever stumbling but clever rhythms and electronics, 16Pad Noise Terrorist and the blistering, energetic as ever, Needle Sharing.

Long termers Mono No Aware do appear and whilst this is an enjoyable track it does slot into the more of his generic numbers, if not the best on this release.  Also the ever-elusive MS Gentur who I honestly don’t hear much of nowadays and that’s a shame after witnessing such an impressive, memorable performance at Bradford’s ‘Infest’ a few years backs.

HANDS have release a few compilations over their long tenure.  They are an impressive label that have stood the test of time, rising to the higher echelons of a label to try get signed to for any self respecting distorted beat artist.  Long may they continue.



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