TALVEKOIDIK: Negotiate the Distance CD HANDS

TALVEKOIDIK: Negotiate the Distance  CD HANDS

Kai Hahnewald of S.K.E.T. ultimately surprises here.  This is the second album by this side project and not hearing he debut I wasn’t sure what to expect.

‘Take a Deep Breath’ indeed lives up to its title; rising layers of ambient scramble in ascension to fight for supremacy, whilst subtle tribal rhythms clatter in the background.  It’s an impressive introduction to the project and indeed, the album as a whole.

‘The Tree Knows a Secret’ is next up with spacious pads and warping harmonies blissfully playing underwater, whilst subtle heartbeat drum patterns patter away underneath the mix.  The attention to detail on this track is glorious from start to finish and is a wonderful emotional ride, breeding nostalgia and a longing for something you cannot have.

A wonderful IDM aesthetic flitters throughout this album, but it is subtle and only one of the building blocks to the formulation and is never overstated; in subtle terms reminding me of Millipede’s more glorious pad work, in a layering sense.  There is also an essence of the works of L’ombre within some areas of construction and that can only be a good thing.

The upshot of all this is, that ‘Negotiate the Distance’ is a superb album from start to finish and a surprise to see this released on the Hands label.  Genre wise, this is the type of music I listen to most and Hahnewald has ultimately penned a great release that more than matches some of his peers.  I shall be hunting down his other album under this moniker immediately and if it sounds even half as good as this, then I won’t have lost out.


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