‘Rainlands’ for me utilises the correct length of time a track should take on an ambient intro before the inevitable beats kick in.  An appropriate space is given for atmosphere to build up before getting to the meat of the work, so to speak and this entrance opens up a world of possibilities for what is to come, with clarity on electronics and pads alongside clear, concise rhythms.

The album truly kicks off with ‘El Door Rado RMX’, with a riotous sample, clinical beats and razor-sharp programming, culminating in an enjoyable romp from start to finish; the only negative being that the sample was a little over used.

I like the polar opposites this album presents the listener with.  In their own right the harmonies and ambient synth structures on this release are to be admired, then bouncy, ‘boing’ sounding bass comes along in time with the beat, such as on ‘Powerplant’ and floats over the top of the atmospherics, making for a truly diverse and refreshing listen.  The coin is then flipped on its head as we are treated to more Sci-Fi ambient in the form of ‘Bionic Ocean 1 (Blue Engines).

Along the way many a genre is explored, from breaking IDM and even the odd reach out to trance sensibilities.  Even though these paths are only ever so slightly touched upon, it does raise quality on this album, above many a label teammate with regards to quality and variation; something I truly admire.

‘BeVor’ (or ‘Before’), then is a quality album that dares to venture into paths others dare not and whilst not blasting us with walls of distortion, gives the listener something more for their hard earned cash.  Quality.



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