In the past I have been fairly dismissive of Stefan Lehman’s Greyhound project; if I am to be honest after the debut ‘Electroiz’ and a live performance in Bradford with some soggy sound, I haven’t really listened to anything else that he has released since, purely acting on “first impressions” in a market that was feeling over saturated at the time.

So here we have Greyhound 2012, which initially didn’t fill me with confidence upon looking at the fairly generic song titles.  As it happens this release is all out war from the moment you hit play; ‘Can you feel it?’ is a steady opener that builds slowly, paving the way for the monstrous ‘…And this is my World!’ with its unrelenting rhythmical assault and harsh undercurrents, making for a truly deafening experience when the volume is cranked up.

‘Into the Void’ is where the tide turns on this release, with off-kilter, cleaner beat-work that almost formulate into breaks, skimming the edges of the genre ever so slightly.  It’s a welcome and needed turn of events just at the point where everything starts to get a little too much and blurring into one.  A mid-paced, ‘From Near and Far’ follows this up, which is strategically relevant at this point in the album.

The rest of ‘Prototype’ carries on where the earlier regions of this album left off with the odd jaunt into noisier territory.  It would be too easy for me to dismiss this without further looking into the changes that have been made with the project and I would welcome more, however, this is brutal example of the genre as a whole and that in itself has to be applauded for its no holds barred approach; it may be that Greyhound have finally “clicked” with me with what he is trying to achieve.



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