1979: FM Interface CD HANDS

<1979>: FM Interface  CD HANDS

Elusive, this project just merely gives the credit names as ‘We are born in 1979”, which is fairly neat in an anti seeking fame way.

‘FM Interface’ is an album split firmly into to halves.  The first section of this release is devoted to hypnotic distorted beat, with the odd array of samples thrown in for good measure; although formulaic, there is enough here to keep you entertained with wire-like electronics and the machine like ambience of ‘Some Chords’, with its whirring hum and scraping noise that ever so teeters on the edge of power electronics, albeit less abrasive.

‘Can You Feel the Daylight’, harks the second chapter of this album and is the starter of a number of tracks that are aimed for the more club-centric listener out there; circulating round an unobtrusive rhythm with playful electronics, it has that early hours initiative that should gel mid set on any dance-floor, also featuring a remix of ‘Go Back Freak’ by Daniel Myer’.

The rest of the tracks on this release follow in a similar, yet ever so varied fashion.  ‘Metall und Technik’ bring the more abrasive elements, whilst ‘Angst Rhythmus’ follows a more upbeat technoid approach, both equally as relevant when it comes to floor filling, which I am sure they will, or most likely already do.

All in all, this is a really good solid album with surprisingly a whole host of variation; on first listen I was unsure if I was up for a whole CD of standard mid-paced beats.  As it happens, there is more than meets the eye (or should I say ears) with this release, as there is something to cater for a variety of moods.


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