DIRTY K: Torrent of Fury CD HANDS

DIRTY K: Torrent of Fury  CD HANDS

British duo Dirty K have had numerous releases over the years that have finally led them to the doors of HANDS Productions.  It’s a move that makes sense and a better platform to get them out to their target audience.

‘Alone’ opens up with a surge of ambient feedback, leading into ‘Machine Music’ with its mid paced, structurally sound distorted crunching beats, filled out with light touches of wind like background ambience to fill out the spaces in-between.

Dirty K for me, fill in the gap between Mono No Aware and MS Gentur, somewhat utilising similar beats and occasional vocal sampling, treated with feedback and ambience where needed to give the work more body.  Changes on their tracks do come along just at the point where it is essential to change tack; a lot of artists forget this in their composition, yet it is truly necessary when trying your hand at the genre.

Two elements of styles I enjoy are covered within ‘Torrent of Fury’.  I have a massive appreciation of Dark Ambient and it’s more than welcome on any release that can utilise such a format; lucky for me there are a fair few moments on this album where space is given for this to shine.  Couple this with a fair few warm industrial beats and I am happy as a pig in muck.

Given the album title, it’s good to see the essential ferocity on occasion to warrant it, in abundance actually.  The only criticism I can really throw at these guys is to sometimes rein it in.  I know it’s tempting to go out all guns blazing, but sometimes its more effective to lure someone into a false sense of security before smashing them in the teeth; good album overall, none the less.



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