Given the name of this project, this starts off anything but noisy with opening intro ‘Forwerk’ setting the scene for the excellent ‘Wasp’.  Straight-forward beat placement teases the listener into thinking it will crash into an all out break war that never happens; instead the rhythms steadily place themselves one after another at varying pace with an undercurrent of bass and gritty electronic wires.

Given that this is a side project of Candy Schlüer, better known for his main project S.K.E.T. it’s of no surprise that the formulation and structure does have the groundings of someone who normally produces power noise; putting that aside it’s also a credit to him that he can also conjure up music that circulates around a different genre perspective.

‘Le Petit Consomateur’ is where this album really comes to life.  Drum n’ Bass lightly dabbles with a gentle harmony and warping sub structures, reminding me of a less intense, more simplistic DJ Hidden (who was cleverly chosen to master this release).

‘Metamorphosis’ shows a different side to this project, concentrating more on pads and straight forward beat-work, for the first half hitting the listener with an almost soundtrack quality to an unknown sci-fi flick; this does however lose its way mid way for me, only to come back into its own towards the end of the track.

I am ultimately torn with ‘Evilution’; generally speaking the whole of this release is right up my alley (more so than the works of S.K.E.T. and the like).  I do feel somehow there is something missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it; for the most part this would have scored really high, but for now, lacking the killer instinct that long termers within this genre have nailed down, I feel this is work in progress.



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