VOMIR: Musique de L’Indifference LP & CD Peripheral Records

VOMIR: Musique de L’Indifference  LP & CD Peripheral Records

I love my noise acts; by that I mean I love true noise and power electronics when the mood takes me, so I was positively salivating then when this dual LP & CD package arrived through the post from one of the genres long stayers, Vomir.

This album can be played separately in three parts.  The idea is that you play side A of the LP, then the CD then side B of the LP, in that order.  Alternatively, you can play it all at once should your set up allow.  Which is clever, sort of.

Lets get this straight; there is no holds barred on this release.  If you play the CD on it’s own its just one long continual pointless loop of one-dimensional static noise clocking in at just over an hour, nothing more.  Much the same effect is given if the individual ‘tracks’ are given their own platform.

In a way, it does make more sense to play it all at once where the experience is just a frightening array of sound; there is nothing here for the faint of heart.  However I do like my PE and noise a little more stable and that’s where this borders on the edge of ridiculous in some respects, limiting what you can say about this ‘musically’.

I do applaud the mind-set behind this album and bearing that in mind, this is more a work of aural art if truth be told, which given its limited nature should appeal to misanthropic and unstable pure out and out noise fans, that would ludicrously see the works of the Freak Animal label as “too commercial” (yes I do know people like that).  Scoring in this sense is purely based on the formulation of a collectable obscure idea that I applaud, rather than anything palatable.


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