THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED: s/t CDep Thisco + A Gaveta

THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED: s/t  CDep Thisco + A Gaveta

Flanged synths, steady beats and flamenco guitars are the opening gambit to this three track EP that suddenly smash together into a dense atmospheric soundscape of Industrial tinged psychosis.  There is something genuinely original in the mix that I applaud and that is the variety of styles that are bravely patched together to make ‘Kill me First, Fast and Again’ an excellent introduction to this artist.

The Industrial tear up travels further onwards on track two, ‘(Scenes From) A Silent Light’, which blends distorted rhythms, obscure electronics and chimes, with torn apart vocal samples and harmonious natural bass.  Once again there is a fair blast of originality that courses throughout that I can’t quite put my finger on.

‘That Close’, continues with gentle flanged guitar lines and samples with gliding atmospherics that once again kick off at the mid way into a barrage of torment, with the beats kept low so the analogue sounds tell a story all of their own.

I was really surprised by this unassuming release that says more than initial impressions give on its rather drab packaging.  The true magic lies in that once you have listened to it, the temptation is there to press play once again, upon which you find other new layers and avenues that you didn’t witness upon first listen.  I would like to hear a full length from this artist soon, although I hope my expectations have not been set too high.



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