DESIDERII MARGINIS: Procession CD Cyclic Law

DESIDERII MARGINIS: Procession  CD Cyclic Law

I have to admit to being somewhat a bit of a fanboy when it comes to the dark ambient works of Desiderii Marginis; I rate him highly on the lists of artists amongst the genre.

Timing is the key element to creating a good album of this nature and Johan Levin is a master of this; ‘Come Ruin and Rapture’ rolling ever so slowly off the marks as a residual hum, with horn like drones rising through the mists of sound.

This method really comes to light on ‘Land of Strangers’, which is utter genius in its composition.  Imagine a bleak landscape of natural sound where you look out across a valley where the cloud sits low, in the distance you can hear pipes playing.

The range and distance of the music far away in the background, is the fundamental element Levin utilises as his main ingredient here and the effect is utterly haunting; indeed, this is the core brilliance to the main production of this album as whole, as with his other outstanding pieces of work before this.

‘Silent Messenger’ rises through the fog into something nothing short of spine tingling, whilst ‘Adrift’ once again pulls on the medium of letting the main body of musicianship approach you from behind; this is utterly awe inspiring and best played loud on your own in quiet surroundings, quite possibly on your headphones sat on a desolate hillside on the edge of winter.

The last song and the title track, is a slow thumping heartbeat with breathing ambient and spacious and harmonious medieval cello work; this is a fitting end to yet another wonderful album and I cannot recommend this release enough.


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