BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Modern Day Diabolists CD/DVD Cyclic Law

BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Modern Day Diabolists  CD/DVD Cyclic Law

Solidly packaged in an eight-panel digipak we have Beyond Sensory Experience’s seventh album on their tenth anniversary; it’s a fitting package for an act that has managed to make a decade and long may they continue.

‘Through the Underworld’ opens up this latest instalment and is an electronic journey through, well… I guess, the underworld.  Thumping heartbeat like rhythms give the impression you are sat along for the ride and things are only going to get darker from here on in.

BSE have always made sure their music mirrors the name of their project; from hellish screams that bluntly stop and flow into distant piano, to rolling thunderous crashing ambient and natural atmospherics, they literally assault the senses from all angles once again.

‘Modern Day Diabolists’ as a whole follows no particular route to make its statement and the title track itself is a mash of surging blackness that sounds like it was conceived in the darkest pits of hades.  Sporadic throughout as an album, there are many interesting elements tampered with here and surprisingly sparse too in an older electronically industrial approach, as explored on tracks such as ‘Geometric Fashion’.

The accompanying DVD starts with a more than competent visualisation of the aforementioned ‘Geometric Fashion’, highlighting the electronic nature of the track, alongside wire like visuals and effects that are edited precisely in time with the warm machine head beats.

‘Rapt From Earthly Things’ has a more minimalistic approach, displaying two windows that flow alongside the reverberated piano and radio wave like vocals.  It’s an understated affair and the medium in which the visualisations have been captured, work well conceptually with a degree of true understanding of the nature of the track itself.

As an album on it’s own, ‘Modern Day Diabolists’ is one of those releases that normally would take a couple of listens to bed in; however I would recommend you head to the DVD element of this package first, as this is where the release really comes alive.  From there on in the album itself will immediately have more of an impact.

8/10 Music  9/10 DVD

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