VNDL: Gahrena:Paysages Électriques CD Hymen Records

VNDL: Gahrena:Paysages Électriques  CD Hymen Records

Philippe Vandal from Canada lays a fair few influences on the table in his press blurb and all of which are fairly evident throughout this release; Fennesz being the one that stands out most of all.

This is quite the broken up affair; indeed the opener, right up halfway through track two ‘Crunx’, is a mash of off-kilter sporadic electronics only truly making sense once the treated Cure like guitar lines make an appearance, followed up with scattered beats.

Label mate Nebulo makes an appearance come track four ‘Bragg’ and adds more of a cohesive structure to the array of gentle insanity that appears to be the all too evident trademark of VNDL as a whole.  This will be a welcome break for the uninitiated listener, as VNDL’s approach to alternative electronics is purely eclectic; the stop/start nature as a whole will undoubtedly be confusing and teetering on pointless to some.

I like to view ‘Gahrena’ more as an art form and an album that wouldn’t be out of place on the shelf next to some of the Mego labels better releases, really coming into its own come ‘Novar’, which a fantastic representation of wholesome and talented IDM.

This is one of those albums that will take a fair while to bed in for a lot of listeners out there; I feel the patience will be worth the wait, as with time this will sneak into those corners of your mind, bed down and become better with age, much like a fine wine.


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