SONAR: Cut us up CD Ant-Zen

SONAR: Cut us up  CD Ant-Zen

Relentless touring and ventures into other projects are the reason why we have not seen any new output from Belgium’s Sonar in six long years; once again there is little to disappoint their enduring fanbase with this latest instalment of rhythmic, technoid hypnosis.

The driving force behind Ivens and Van Wonterghem’s success has bizarrely come from providing an unrelenting monotony.  This may not make sense to those that haven’t heard the project, but believe me when I say this is the essential ingredient to most of their works.  Distorted industrial beat is the main body to this output with subtle changes that filter through as a backdrop, moving the goalposts ever so evidently with slight of hand; most will not hear the evolution until the tracks are over and the magic is that you will have been transfixed the whole time.  The upshot of this is that this is perfect headphone music for those that travel long arduous journey’s each day and just wish to shut off the outside world; ‘Cut us up’ is aural meditation media in some respects.

The only quibble I have with Sonar is that you can barely find anything that differs sound wise amongst their discography; they have got a formula and just stuck with it.  As such there isn’t much to say about their output track by track, apart from you will know what to expect.

More power to them though for standing by their guns and just letting any other ideas display themselves within other projects; as such, Sonar has a purity all of its own.



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