PHILIPP MÜNCH: Mondo Obscura CD Ant-Zen

PHILIPP MÜNCH: Mondo Obscura  CD Ant-Zen

Here we have Philipp’s second solo output, following on from 2011’s ‘Into the Absurd’, which experimented with a variety of influences; ‘Mondo Obscura’ is no exception.

Along the way we have obscure electronic experimentation that brings together a whole host of styles, such as Industrial distorted beat, pop and cinematic ambient textures, not to mention generous intriguing ventures with vocals provided by friends and colleagues as well as his own. ‘Structure’ is the first example of this, with Kyoung-Hi Ro blissfully singing her heart out over the top of cleverly constructed rhythms and subtle unobtrusive pop music.

‘Raise the Pressure’ reminds me somewhat of early eighties electro, with some older Skinny Puppy traits, circa ‘Assimilate’ and an overall feel of Absolute Body Control musically; a nostalgic trip through analogue synth grade alternative music and thoroughly enjoyable to boot.

‘Way of Anger’ hits hard on old school Industrial, whilst ‘Sub Divider’ could have been played live on the old UK TV show ‘The Tube’, such is its association musically with ‘Blancmange’, which is the closest sound I can link it with.  It’s this broad representation of styles that makes ‘Mondo Obscura’ such a pleasure to listen to as a whole, comprehensively outshining his debut solo output in one fell swoop.

A minimalistic album riddled with hooks for any discerning electro fan, regardless of which genre umbrella you stand under.



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