KID606: LSDMTB303 Digital Download EP Tigerbeat6

KID606: LSDMTB303  Digital Download EP Tigerbeat6

Bizarre release names aside, Kid606 has been on the circuit for many years providing listeners with generous warm electronic music that flirts with many an influence pretty much producing what he likes and the upshot of this is that he has a wide appeal.

This latest instalment carries on with a broad range of styles no less; shoegazing, spacey electronics crossing paths with emotional simplistic child-like pads and rhythm sections that teeter into hip-hop territory.

There’s an element of rave like simplicity on this release that occasionally rears its head and this EP comes from a happier place no doubt.  There is an almost revelation aspect to this that gives the listener the impression that whilst all isn’t great in the world, there is always something to smile about and ‘LSDMTB303’ is the narcotic to cement the notion of this feeling.

Heart warming, playful, bedroom electronica that whilst is minimalistic in scientific construction as one would expect, is all the better for not baffling us with the obvious skill this artist possesses and a decent, enjoyable precursor for the impending full-length ‘Lost in the Game’ due later this year.


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