Readers of this review may recognise Ben Lukas Boysen more from his alter ego, Hecq; Boysen has dipped his toe into other waters and here we have another venture into providing soundtracks for contemporary filmmakers.

‘RESTIVE’ is written and directed by American, Jeremiah Jones and centralises around a bizarre tale of a mother inhabiting her husbands suffocating behaviour, in effect a love story; I have to admit I have not seen the movie and it’s not often I get to hear an official soundtrack before setting my eyes on the silver screen adaptation that it accompanies.

Setting that aside I often approach OST’s with due caution, giving that the music often comes in short bursts and altogether does not actually comprise of actual tracks; not so in this case as it appears that Boysen has actually composed full numbers that can be listened to in their own right.  This pleases me immensely.

This free reign given has let Ben flex his wings somewhat and the outcome is nothing short of impressive; haunting ambience frostily soars throughout, with brooding dark pockets of organically rich bass and piano filtered through windows covered in raindrops.

It’s about time that music makers from this genre were given more opportunities to compose soundtracks like this; indeed there is more than enough that comes from IDM/alternative electronics genre and associated scenes to already blow away a lot of the usual marketed scores out there, maybe someone somewhere will one day sit up and take note.

On the flip side of the coin, I will most likely go and hunt this movie out now considering the wonderful array of compositions I have in front of me; well done Mr Boysen for another excellent display of your musical capabilities.


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