ASHER: Untitled Landscapes Digital Download ROOM40

ASHER: Untitled Landscapes  Digital Download ROOM40

Thematically I do see where this guy is coming from; you can almost see him taking in the view of various places upon a journey and imagining the soundtrack to accompany them.

There is a pleasant, peaceful ambience that flows throughout this album and track-by-track, the soothing massage of gentle drones rolls on unobtrusively with over the top of natural hisses of what appear to be field recordings.

This is most likely one of the most inoffensive releases I have ever heard; this however can be deemed as negative as much as it is positive.  There isn’t a whole lot to say about the album as a whole as there isn’t much to differ on the entire release; it’s as if Asher’s world of landscapes doesn’t have to offer much in the way of variety and the scenery is unchanging.

As a result, whilst being completely competent musically, this does stagnate after a while and you do feel like you wish the weather would take a turn for the worse on the horizon upon which his gaze is firmly transfixed, if nothing else to stir something up a little; Solid, but a tad one-dimensional.


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