PUTREFIER: Beyond Scathing | Cog Dominance | Unreleased and Compilation Archive CD’s Industrial Recollections

PUTREFIER: Beyond Scathing | Cog Dominance | Unreleased and Compilation Archive  CD’s Industrial Recollections

Two reissues here, plus a compilation of rarities and odds and sods on the Finish Industrial Recollections label; which is a home for all things experimental and some might argue, proper Industrial.

Putrefier is a project that will only satiate the purist consumer of noise and power electronics; there is a massive underground market that will lap up the works of Mark Durgan and these three albums will have been pretty rare to come by in their original formats on the Broken Flag label in the mid to late eighties.

A variety of instrumentation are utilised on these releases, from analogue synthesisers to various delay systems and amplifiers; the result is a barrage of visceral scrapings of sound as a collective mass that tear at the listener from the moment you hit play.

There is barely anything to separate ‘Beyond Scathing’ and ‘Cog Dominance’ as releases; if anything they could be the same album and back to back from ‘86 and ’87 the charm lies in the sound, that whilst showing its age, does have an altogether earthly feel and grass roots home tape ethic, that has more substance in its organic roots than the quality of sound on offer.

The ‘Unreleased and Compilation Archive’ album has a lot more to offer for the uninitiated; a more cohesive collection of works that has a lot more to offer than previous affairs.  What I do find endearing is the altogether live feel of the release and should appeal to fans of some of the works of Con-Dom and so forth.

As reviews go there isn’t that much that can be said when all three of these albums are presented to you at once and are best listened to as a whole in one session, back to back; most likely these would have been better packaged together as one release as there is a lot lost with these being separate items.

6/10 | 6/10 | 6.5/10

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