JAAKKO VANHALA: Feral Earth CD Freak Animal

JAAKKO VANHALA: Feral Earth  CD Freak Animal

First impressions are important; a lot is given away when you look at the back of this album and see the credits for instrumentation as ‘metals, rust, ash, glass, stones, poisons electronics and tapes’; it’s fair to say this album does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ to coin a well known advert.

I love noise and power electronics as genre. I have a real soft spot for it.  But I do like some form of function and a real sense of structure; this album has absolute zero and in all fairness I was completely aghast.

Okay, lets say you get a great big box full of all the items mentioned earlier, you drop the box down the largest flight of stairs you can imagine and at the bottom of those steps is machine to crush all the waste up slowly and at maximum volume.

That’s basically it, nothing more to say; apart from this is absolute pointless garbage.


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