HILDUR GUONADÓTTIR: Leyfdu ljosinu CD Touch

HILDUR GUONADÓTTIR: Leyfdu ljosinu CD Touch

The Touch label has always been synonymous with the word ‘quality’ and once again this is no exception. ‘Leyfdu ljosinu’, or ‘Allow the Light’ is a live recording with no audience, recorded at the University of York in January 2012.

I love the idea behind the concept; no post tampering of the recordings using three microphones for natural delay; the end result is nothing short of stunning.

I was utterly transfixed at this release from the moment I hit play; there is something profoundly ghost-like about the production as a whole, with soaring beautiful female vocals, cello and light electronics and is ‘other worldly’ if I had to try pigeon hole it.

The quality of the instrumentation played and composition is spectacular and quite simply nothing like I have really sat down to listen to before; tension builds towards the latter half of the title track with a real sense of urgency and drive. You get he feeling a real story is being told here with a polar opposite approach to the lighter sections balancing out the more hectic momentum that builds throughout, blending the two with utter perfection.

I absolutely adored this release and really wanted more; this is the only downside being you get 40 minutes spread over two tracks and what would have set this off would be track markers along the way so you can skip to the parts you want to play most.

I suppose there can’t be any real complaint if that’s all that is wrong with an album; I really wish there were more releases out there with so little to grumble at; glorious.



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