HAARE: Funeral of Souls CD Freak Animal

HAARE: Funeral of Souls  CD Freak Animal

Two-track album over spanning 39 minutes plus and that most likely is an indication of where this release is going before you even hit play.

Opener ‘Psychiatric Disasters’ is one long ambient piece and there really isn’t a lot to be said other than that; don’t get me wrong the work on display is more than competent, but in its twenty minute entirety the evolution of the track is minimalistic and would have been best broken up into different sections, if nothing else to gain some form of focus.

The title track is a different beast, almost like the flip side of a coin with emphasis mainly on power electronic drones and distortion; once again this suffers from being over lengthy and lacking any real vision this also should have been cut up into individual sections.

The real issue I have with this release is the lack of volume, track one gets away with this because of the very nature of its approach; track two needs to be somewhat higher to maximise on the brutality scale.

Where Haare could have found success is releasing this on vinyl; the two contradicting opposites would have fared better in this format, as on CD together as a whole something feels missing, like you have just been the victim of daylight robbery in an artistic sense.



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