GRUNT: Long Lasting Happiness CD Industrial Recollections

GRUNT: Long Lasting Happiness  CD Industrial Recollections

Here we have a collection of non-album, unreleased tracks from the power electronics long stayer Grunt; well respected within the genre this is a notch above some of releases out there from other artists and the pedigree does show somewhat.

What is to be expected are the usual vocal samples and masses of visceral feedback and blistering noise, assisted with biting, seething vocals that rip through the distortion pedals with a fair amount of ferocity.

A good level of variation is key with PE; it’s way too easy to get lost in the outright onslaught and lose focus; Grunt has mastered this to a fine art and version four of the title track is one of the better pieces of work on this CD; with the noise sitting low in the mix as a residual hum, this in turn allows vocals prominence and the effect is the perfect blend of what I expect when looking for the perfect interpretation of this genre.

Grunt for me is by no means the best this scene has to offer though, the project does lack the cohesiveness of say, Deathpile or Control for example; a lot of his works can bit hit and miss and this compilation is a fair representation of that notion.  There is however more on this release to keep the avid Power electronics fan happy, Grunt has a history when it comes to writing such works and this is plainly evident; altogether I did find a heck of a lot on this album highly enjoyable.



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