EPIDEMIA: Toxic Chemicals CD Diskus Fonografika

EPIDEMIA: Toxic Chemicals  CD Diskus Fonografika

Swirling electronics, glitch and string led ambience opens who this latest instalment from Mexico’s Epidemia throwing me off guard somewhat; I have become somewhat accustomed to all out assaults from this project in the past and this was a welcome introduction.

Next track on the agenda is label mate Rudra Vena’s take on the title track which is an odd way to approach the concept, letting the mix introduce the original outlet; a solid interpretation non-the-less, but nothing on the title number.

The title track itself is a wash of dirty 4-4 warm rhythms and paranoid electronics that gradually get overtaken in the mix with a scraping grind, either way the song is befitting of the track name and should be a welcome addition to any club set.

Next up are two further remixes, one from Noize + Zilenth and Electrovot respectively; the former plays on the club nature of the track and adds a slight edge on crunch and noise, unsurprisingly whilst the latter adds and almost EBM edge and would further fill an alternate dance floor with its altogether hypnotic pace.

Change is well on the agenda with ‘Control y Bloqueo’, shutting the pace down completely with feedback and piano chords that eventually come to a crashing halt with a barrage of power electronics, leading into some empty beats that sound ever so far away and crash into a somewhat tragic ending.

‘Reaparicion de Sintomas’ leans on a more German electro-industrial slant forgetting the distorted power noise that Epidemia has so often utilised in the past and is another welcome change, leading into Armenia’s take on the title track; Armenia have done many a mix for this artist and this is devoid of beats, concentrating on further schizoid electronics.

All in all this is a welcoming balance of variation from previous affairs; my only niggle arises with the amount of remixes on show rather than full new tracks, giving this more of a mini album feel to it; still, this is an enjoyable romp and older fans of this artists work will appreciate this more.



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