VELEHENTOR: Ceremonial Death 7”ep Vegvisir Music

VELEHENTOR: Ceremonial Death  7”ep Vegvisir Music

Neat little 2 track EP here from the Russian artist Velhentor; it’s hard to say a lot on reviews when it comes to 7” vinyl because of the lack of scope for length of listening, however the mere fact someone still releases this format nowadays is good thing to shout about in itself.

‘Ceremonial Death’ relies solely on ritualistic drones and cavernous Dark Ambient as its approach; with icy textures rolling around in a black fog of sound this artist knows his craft well.

There is a touch of the ‘olde world’ within this release, remarkably organic and rich; this a perpetually black introduction to Velhentor, for me and this more than whetted my appetite to hear how he copes when it comes to producing a full length album.

High scoring on quality, context and the factor this has been released on wax.


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