VAZHES: Sayyid CD Vegvisir Music

VAZHES: Sayyid   CD  Vegvisir Music

An ancient shamanistic culture is explored here; centuries ago the Sami moved northwards under the constant pressure of other nations and ‘Sayyid’, is the musical reference point to this story thematically.

Sound wise a lot is covered genre speaking, with droning, lightly distorted electronics, heavy air rumblings and ritualistic thundering martial compositions.  The latter has been approached in a fashion I haven’t heard that often; the beat sounds more like a creation of bass ridden muffles of sound and wire like electronics slide over the top adding a psychotic slant to the affair, leaning on old industrial ethics.

The final output is once again something that I didn’t expect to hear after the tracks before; from the opening sound of sheep bleating, the final chapter of ‘Sayyid’ is a blistering visceral montage of power electronics that literally tears at your ears.

Overall, this is an interesting and solid piece of work from start to finish if you are a fanatic of everything this blend of genres could possibly throw at you; rather than following one linear path Vazhes has exploited the opportunity to play with a variety of sounds, showing more than an ear for works from his peers.


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