CORVUS: Invisible Landscapes CD Zhelezobeton

CORVUS: Invisible Landscapes  CD Zhelezobeton

Traditional Russian Dark Ambient here from the debut offering from the native Corvus; conceptually speaking this appears on the face of it to be without any real story to tell other than the artist wanting to make music within the genre he resides and there is nothing wrong with that, other than this style usually requires something for the listener to latch onto.

Given the open nature of the album, a review would simply rely on the impressions given alone; analogue synth and repeating rich drone work offering a spacious playing field to open your mind, there is more than a fair share of gentle breathing pads on ‘Invisible Landscapes’ to let your imagination run away with itself.

Intriguing vocalisations appear irregularly and are a welcome source, almost elemental and effective once they start travelling alongside the dream-like textures portrayed; sometimes however as in track two (the titles are in Russian) the drop out is too much and the song should have been allowed to fade naturally.

Track six toys around with notes in an almost rhythmical sense; there is an element of IDM in the nature of the structure that given some moderate beat-work could elevate this into something spectacular; that’s not gonna happen on this album though. Pity.

As far as ambient music is concerned, this is a more than generous affair and clocking in at nearly an hour there is little on here to complain about; an undeniably solid result that does have more than its fair share of greatness that I relished along the way.  With some clever ironing out to make his work cohesive from start to finish, the next output from Corvis could be something quite spectacular.


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