THE PROTAGONIST: Songs of Experience CD Raubbau

THE PROTAGONIST: Songs of Experience  CD Raubbau

Raubbau once again have reissued The Protagonist with 2005’s ‘Songs of Experience’ that was partially recorded at The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden.

Six years on from ‘A Rebours’, poetical assistance is once again an accomplice for the album, with the works of William Blake and Charles Baudelaire vocalised alongside Neo-Classical compositions and martial industrial rhythmical sections; theatrical plays are spoken word assistance here for dramatic string sections and an unashamedly ostentatious production.

The Protagonist will not sit well with everyone, indeed some would prefer something a little less in their face and ‘Songs of Experience’ pulls no punches as with all of this artists work with a relentless barrage of driving percussion; however in the main structural frame of this album lies an ethereal quality that does take some patience to unearth and once you have retrieved the core essence beneath its folds, there lie the rewards.

Once again this is a fitting historical reference for this act’s lengthy career; coupled with the re-release of its predecessor this is more than a perfect introduction to this project if you have never heard of it, or a perfect excuse for fans of the genre that are looking to update their collection.


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