THE PROTAGONIST: A Rebours  CD Raubbau

Originally released in 1998 on the Cold Meat Industry label and now available again for those that missed out the first time, here are eight works of Neo-Classical majestic anthems that are as powerful now as they were upon their initial outing.

This debut from this now highly revered artist relies heavily on string sections (clearly keyboard based), with marching percussion sections and vocal recitals of poems along the way.

Inspiration varies on many a theme; Joseph Thorak is translated into musical form on ‘Kämpfende Pferde’, whilst Edgar Allen Poe is spoken over ‘Imitation’; Shelley is the impetus behind ‘Mutability’.

‘A Rebours’ is thoroughly bombastic from the off, the addition of live cello assisting the synthesised strings with an organic edge of authenticity along the way; indeed my only qualm with this genre is that one man bands (as is often the case), obtaining a proper full orchestra simply isn’t going to happen; whilst this is understandable, a lot of the artists within this scene suffer somewhat in the execution of their work and what they are trying to convey sound wise.

The Protagonist however does mask any misgivings that I grumble about; the sheer non-stop marching pace of this album keeps the listener enthralled with its momentum, only briefly pausing to take breath before picking up its sword and shield and persevering on in unabashed glory.



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