SABES: Diesel Charm CD Ant-Zen

SABES: Diesel Charm  CD Ant-Zen

Sebastian Mich found his feet as an acid/hard techno DJ and via the route of studying music technology he has ended up with this project, Sabes (you can work the title out if you think about it).

It’s fairly obvious from the initial icy streams of ‘Oil Tank’ crunching into squelching power noise at mid point, just where this album is heading in a lot of respects; however there is more to this release than sheer brutality alone.

‘Evolution’ is where everything really starts to come to life; swirling electronics and hypnotic beats are complimented with cavernous pads that raise the bar on an almost epic scale.  There is more than a nod to the club scene on ‘Diesel Charm’, with ‘Melophobia’ being a prime example of this; punishing, brutal rhythms fall over themselves in abundance and it’s at this point Mich’s humble beginnings make themselves all too aware for the remainder of the album.

Let’s get something straight, this is an Ant-Zen release of old sound-wise and yes it has been done before; it’s been a while since I really launched something of this nature out of my speakers though and whilst this slots cosily between Asche and Winterkälte, therefore lacking a lot on the originality scale, there is something marginally heart-warming about the nod to those respective artists and the genre which this album resides in.


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