KTL: V 2xLP & 12”/ CD Mego

KTL: V  2xLP & 12”/ CD Mego

An echoing organic ambient hum opens up this fifth album from Stephen O’Malley and Peter Rehburg’s KTL; with ghostly frost like washes that glide hypnotically over ever so evolving spaces of sound, these are attention grabbing and eerily stimulating in an anaesthetic like fashion.

This act primarily has always conjured up a much noisier approach than has been visited on ‘V’; this time around everything appears way more relaxed in its composition.  Atmosphere is more at play here and but feels like a tight rein has been noosed firmly behind a lot of the experimentation.

I can’t help feel that this time there has been some hesitancy to really let go and in some respects this does come across as a hindrance; tracks do seamlessly flow from one into another and whilst this is great thematically, I simply got lost midway as to just whereabouts I was on the album.

This aside, this is one of those releases that a lot of subliminal ambient enthusiasts will relish; there is plenty of range throughout this affair from start to finish that will send many into a relaxing trance like state and this is where ‘V’ excels.

My recommendation is that you approach this new collection of works on vinyl where this I imagine will be suitably broken up, giving you time to collect your thoughts, give them a scrub down and start again.



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