K-NITRATE: Star Punkt CDep Armalyte Industries

K-NITRATE: Star Punkt CDep Armalyte Industries

Opener ‘Voltsmusik’ pretty much nails where K-Nitrate are coming from the off; if the press reviews I have previously seen are to be believed, their cod EBM (I use the term loosely) has been tailored for the dance floor via the Combichrist route, although I will give these guys the benefit of the doubt.

Beat wise this opening gambit is ever so slightly off kilter and at a pace that I feel would not sit well with the target audience this is so obviously aimed at; I however thought this made the track all the better for being slightly over paced and therefore just out of reach of the gurning idiots we see gracing the tragic wreckage that are UK ‘industrial’ clubs circa 2012.

‘I.E.D’ does have a touch of early Nitzer Ebb flowing throughout its veins and this pleased me immensely, I just wish that proper shouty vocals had been used instead of the god-awful speak and spell sampling.  This is where K-Nitrate should concentrate their efforts, as in the cooking pot they do have all the right ingredients and with a tweak to their sound there are a heck of old school EBM isms to be utilised; this in turn could gain them a whole host of fans more worthy of where their current sights are targeted.

This isn’t a bad EP all in all, some songs do sound a little too similar and this I feel is where vocals could make a real difference; the additional mixes don’t really differ that much from the originals either and I really want to shake this lot as there really is something there they haven’t thought of latching onto, which is infuriating to say the least.


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