JE$US LOVES AMERIKA: FYA CDep Armalyte Industries

JE$US LOVES AMERIKA: FYA CDep Armalyte Industries

There is a hell of a lot to JLA that wouldn’t be so out of place on some early ‘Wax Trax!’ releases; guitar infused industrial rock based angst is the main body of the opening title track, which does lack a necessary touch of angst for me personally, but is solid none the less.

The second track on this EP ‘epT’ takes a different turn; a steady electronic beat with some intriguing glitches that have an early GGFH feel to them; more could have been done with the overall construction of the track though, such is its one dimensional linear route to the ears.

After an okay remix of the opening number, the demo track ‘Kill Yourself’ ends this rather quick affair; I really do see what JLA are striving to achieve but it does tend to give the impression that it is a little past its prime.

More concentration on production to give this some out and out balls wouldn’t go a miss; this lot definitely would benefit from being a tad heavier and when you are dealing with a genre where it’s necessary to be in your face with aggression FYA comes across more as an endearing, well meaning slap across the chops.


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